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IFRS 16 training course

SAP Flexible Real Estate Management (ReFx) With IFRS16 Online Training

MyOnEdu.com provides SAP ReFx-Flexible Real Estate Management Online Training with experienced SAP professional who has more then 14+ Years of real time experience.

MyOnEdu.com is a group of SAP consultants who are passionate of teaching /consulting and support to their participants.

SAP ReFx trainer is director of myonedu.com and you can expect high quality of training and commitment for all given deliverables.

You can directly connect with trainers for any query/ technical support

We are committed to fulfilling all the commitments from all the perspectives

  • Understand the functions, business processes and integration scenarios of SAP Flexible Real Estate Management (ReFx)
  • Understand the IFRS 16 accounting standards and SAP solutions
  • Understand the necessary basic customizing settings and process execution of RE FX & IFRS 16 in SAP IMG
  • Overview of SAP Project System &
  • Overview of EAM-Enterprise Asset Management
  • Overview of Document Management System
  1. 30 hours of in depth online training withall required configuration
  2. Access of all recorded sessions
  3. 24X7 SAP system access for practice (S/4HANA)
  4. Study Material (SAP Press Book access)
  5. Process Documents –
    1. Sample BBP-Business Blue Print
    2. Configuration document
    3. Process User Manual Document
    4. FS-Functional Specification
    5. UT-Unit Testing Document
    6. UAT-User Acceptance Testing Template
    7. SAP Notes,
    8. Data upload template (If Any)

Overview of PPM-Project Portfolio Management and PS-Project System (PLM200, PLM550, PLM510)

  1. Portfolio Structure and Strategic Initiative /Item
  2. Project Planning, Procurement , Execution and closure

Overview of Plant Maintenance and DMS-Document Management

  1. Functional Location, Equipment
  2. Notification Process
  3. PM Order Process
  4. DMS Process

Flexible Real Estate Management

  1. Real Estate Master Data
    1. Usage View
    2. Architecture view
    3. Business Partner master data
  2. Real Estate Search
  3. Contract Management
    1. Real Estate contract
    2. Conditions
    3. Condition Purpose
    4. Calculation Method
  4. Real Estate Financials
    1. Account determination
    2. Flow Type
    3. Invoice Creation
  5. Adjustment of Conditions
    1. Free and indexed based Condition Adjustment
  6. Service Charge Settlement
  7. Sale Based Contracts and Settlement
  8. Integration with other components
    1. FI/CO Integration
    2. EAM-Enterprise Asset Management Integration
    3. PS-Project System Integration
    4. FM-Fund Management Integration
    5. DMS-Document Management Integration
    6. GIS (Graphical Integration) ( Conceptually will be explained)
  9. Lease Management
  10. Third Party Management
  11. Room Reservations and Long-Term Seating Arrangements
  12. Space Management
  13. Reporting and Analytics.
  14. Technical Issues of Integration
  15. a) RE-FX Objects in the Business Object Repository
  16. b) Workflow integration
  17. Tools
    1. BDT – Business Data Toolset
    2. BAdI – Business Add-In
    3. Programming guidelines in RE-FX
    4. Correspondence

IFRS16 Concepts and implementation in SAP

  1. Accounting concepts & overview of Lease in RE FX contract & IFRS 16
  2. Overview of operating Lease and Finance Lease
  3. Describe the accounting standards like US gap, Local gap and IFRS
  4. Configure and explain the Asset accounting and direct balance sheet method of IFRS 16 posting.
  5. Configuring and execution of IFRS 16 scenarios like Initial cost, credit incentives, subletting, Extraordinary Depreciation, surrender value, residual value…
  6. Termination and Renewal of Lease In Contract and impact in IFRS valuation
  7. Configure and describe Asset accounting and overview Leading ledger and IFRS ledger
  8. Configure and describe the conditions, flow types, Account symbol, GL account and account determination of IFRS 16.
  9. Describe Deactivation of asset once terminate the lease in contract.
  10. Overview of data migration and upload program of contracts.

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