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SAP CPM online training

SAP CPM-Commercial Project Management Online Training

MyOnEdu.com provides SAP CPM-Commercial Project Management Online Training with experienced SAP professional who has more then 14+ Years of real time experience.

MyOnEdu.com is a group of SAP consultants who are passionate of teaching /consulting and support to their participants.

SAP CPM trainer is director of myonedu.com and you can expect high quality of training and commitment for all given deliverables.

You can directly connect with trainers for any query/ technical support

We are committed to fulfilling all the commitments from all the perspectives.

  • Describe concepts, functions, processes and integration scenarios of SAP CPM-Commercial Project Management.
  • Carry out necessary customizing settings in SAP IMG as per process explained.
  • Integration of SAP CPM with other SAP Modules (SAP PS, PPM, SD, MM, MSP
  • Overview of BW (System Landscape, Master Data, Data Loat, BC set activation etc.)
  • Overview of AO-Analysis Office
  • Overview of standard SAP FIORI Apps available in SAP S/4HANA 1809
    1. 30 hours of in depth online training withall required configuration
    2. Access of all recorded sessions
    3. 24X7 SAP system access for practice (S/4HANA)
    4. Study Material (SAP Press Book access)
    5. Process Documents –
      1. Sample BBP-Business Blue Print
      2. Configuration document
      3. Process User Manual Document
      4. FS-Functional Specification
      5. UT-Unit Testing Document
      6. UAT-User Acceptance Testing Template
      7. SAP Notes,
      8. Data upload template (If Any)

SAP CPM-Commercial Project Management

  1. Overview –
    1. Explain the business processes covered by SAP Commercial Project Management
    2. Understand the high-level architecture and system prerequisites
    3. Business Functions and other components in SAP CPM
    4. Standard roles and controls in SAP CPM
  2. Project Workspace
    1. Single and composite standard roles in SAP CPM
    2. Understand the cross project view
    3. Explain the functions of the workspace
    4. Understand the master project concept/ Master Project Structure
    5. Master Project workspace (Commercial View and Procurement View)
    6. Alert Framework in Cross Project View
    7. Documents & attachments
    8. Status/ Review / Trend Management in CPM
    9. Working with authorization in SAP CPM
    10. Contact person, requirement and pre-requisites
    11. Teams & roles
    12. Rate card in Master project
    13. Billing plan Manager
    14. Milestone Checklist
    15. Integration of Master Project with SAP Cloud for Customer
    16. Understand the key integration points with SAP ERP
    17. Data archiving
  3. Project Cost and Revenue Planning
    1. Explain the functions of Project Cost and Revenue
    2. Understand the data model of Project Cost and Revenue Planning
    3. Financial Plan
    4. Planning on master project
    5. Plan Versions
    6. Currency Exchange rate
    7. Stats management
    8. Quantity Management
    9. Forecasting
    10. Planning Framework
      • Planning Workbook
      • Planning Functions
      • Planning Cubes
      • Queries
      • Data source
    11. Understand the key integration points with SAP ERP
    12. Data Analytics
  4. Project Issues and Change Management
    1. Explain the business process covered by issue and change management
    2. Understand the functions of project issue and change management
    3. Understand the integration with cost and revenue planning
    4. Understand the key integration points with SAP ERP
  5. BI Contents: SAP Commercial Project Management
    1. Project Cost & Revenue Planning
      • Workbooks
      • Queries
      • MultiProvider
      • InfoCubes
      • Data Store Objects
      • Key Figures
      • Characteristics
      • Process Chains
      • Data Sources
      • Planning Functions
  6. Overview on configuration options
    1. Project Workspace
    2. Understand technical prerequisites for embedded analytics
    3. Understand configuration settings controlled by configuration tables
    4. Explain typical enhancements
    5. Project Cost and Revenue Planning
    6. Understand technical prerequisites in BW layer
    7. Understand configuration settings controlled by configuration tables
    8. Explain typical enhancements of the data model and the planning layout
    9. Project Issue and Change Management
    10. Explain how BRF+ is used in project issue and change management

PS- Project System Process Overview

      1. Project Management with SAP Project Systems


      1. Describing Project Management with SAP Project System


      1. Overview on Project Structures
        1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
        2. Network , Network-Activities
        3. Milestone
        4. Material Components
      2. Reports
        1. Outlining Reporting Options in the SAP Project System
        2. Analysing Projects with the Structure Information System
        3. Analysing Projects with Financial Reports
        4. Describing Report Options in SAP Business Client
      3. Project Planning
        1. Checking Projects with the Project Planning Board
        2. Planning Dates for WBS Elements
        3. Scheduling Networks
        4. Generating Requirements for Externally Processed Activities
        5. Planning Materials with Networks
        6. Planning Costs for WBS
        7. Planning Revenue for Projects
      4. Project Budgets
        1. Budgeting Projects(StandardProcess)
      5. Project Execution
        1. Entering Actual Dates for WBS Elements
        2. Activity Confirmation
      6. Overview on Project closer

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