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SAP HCM online training

SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) Online Training

MyOnEdu.com provides SAP HCM – Human Capital Management Online Training with experienced SAP professional who has more then 12+ Years of real time experience.

MyOnEdu.com is a group of SAP consultants who are passionate of teaching /consulting and providing technical support to all participants.

You can directly connect with trainers for any query/ technical support

We are committed to fulfilling all the commitments from all the perspectives.

After completion of your course we will help you to clear your interviews and also assist you to get certified on SAP Human Resources. We will give you 100% Satisfaction and We provide the best quality real time online training.

  1. 35 hours of in depth online training withall required configuration
  2. Access of all recorded sessions
  3. 24X7 SAP system access for practice (S/4HANA)
  4. Study Material (SAP Press Book access)
  5. Process Documents –
    1. Sample BBP-Business Blue Print
    2. Configuration document
    3. Process User Manual Document
    4. FS-Functional Specification
    5. UT-Unit Testing Document
    6. UAT-User Acceptance Testing Template
    7. SAP Notes,
    8. Data upload template (If Any)


  1. ERP
  2. Why ERP
  3. SAP Difference with other ERPs
  4. Who is client, Process owners and Implementation Partners?
  5. R/3 architecture


  1. Enterprise Structure
  2. Company code, personnel area and personnel subarea and
  3. Cost Center
  4. Personnel Structure
  5. Employee group, Employee subgroup, Payroll accounting
  6. area and Contract type
  7. Organization Structure
  8. Organizational units, Jobs and Positions
  9. Pay scale structure
  10. Pay scale Type, Pay scale Area, Pay scale Groups and Pay

scale Level


  1. Integration with other modules and process flow
  2. Plan version
  3. Objects in OM
  4. Evaluation path and Object
  5. Characteristics
  6. OM Related Info types and Tables
  7. Simple Maintenance
  8. Expert Mode
  9. Organization Staffing


  1. Important Info types in time management
  2. Concepts of Positive and Negative Time Recording
  3. Time Management Status and important
  4. Time Management related features
  5. Setting up Holiday Calendar and concept of Factory calendar
  6. Configuration of Work Schedule-Break, Period, work schedule rule
  7. Daily Work Schedules Variant and Daily Work Schedules Rule
  8. Day Types and Rules
  9. Absence/Attendances and Concept of Factory Calendar
  10. Configuration of Counting Rules, Deduction Rules, Base
  11. Entitlement Rules and Selection Rules
  12. Generation of Quotas through RPTWTA00 and Time
  13. valuation
  14. Time Data Recording
  15. Time Evaluation Process, Schemas Rules, Functions, and Operations
  16. Clusters B1 and B2 and lateral Tables relating to Time Management
  17. Time Management Pools


  1. Customizing Procedures
  2. Info type Menus
  3. Info type Menu
  4. Determine Choice of Info type Menus
  5. Actions
  6. User Group Dependency on Menus and Info groups
  7. Define Info groups
  8. Hiring Action
  9. Separation Action
  10. Set up Personnel Actions
  11. Update Info type 0302 when Executing an Action
  12. Additional Actions
  13. Personnel Action Types
  14. Create Reasons for Personnel Action
  15. User Group Dependency on Menus and Info Groups
  16. Change Action Menu
  17. Dynamic Actions
  18. Customizing User Interfaces
  19. Info type Headers
  20. Time constraints1, 2, 3, A,B and T


  1. Maintaining of Indian Specific Info types (0580 to 0591)
  2. Payroll Area
  3. Feature ABKRS
  4. Control record
  5. PCR and CAP configuration
  6. Date modifiers
  7. Period parameters
  8. ay scale structure
  9. Pay scale Type
  10. Pay scale area
  11. Pay scale groups and pay scale levels
  12. Feature TARIFF
  13. Basic pay configuration
  14. Wage type creation, wage type permissibility, Wage type characteristics
  15. Direct evaluation/indirect evaluation
  16. Country specific payroll drivers and programs
  17. Info types 0003 payroll status (how to lock a one person in payroll etc)
  18. Info types required to run a payroll
  19. Paycheck design
  20. Additional payments
  21. Recurring payments & deduction


  1. Introduction of Benefits
  2. Integration with other models.
  3. Benefits related Info types.
  4. Demerit Area, Criteria or Parameter Group, Plan Status and Plan Types.
  5. Features in Benefits.
  6. Configuration of Demerit Plans.
  7. Integration of Benefits with Payroll.
  8. Benefit adjustment and Employee Eligibility


  1. Introduction of Recruitment
  2. Basic Settings
  3. Work Force Requirements & Advertising
  4. Applicant Administration
  5. Applicant Selections
  6. Dialog Control


  1. Introduction of Compensation Management
  2. Basic settings
  3. Job Pricing etc.

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