SAP MRS-Multi Resource Scheduling Overview

SAP MRS-Multi Resource Scheduling Overview

SAP Multisource Scheduling enables you to find suitable resources for demands and assign them to the demands. Demands are units of work from the areas of Plant Maintenance, or Project System, for which a resource is to be planned.

It is End to end scheduling process.

Salient features of MRS —

  • Effectively manage high volumes of resources and demands for your service, plant maintenance, or project business.
  • Get a real-time view of resources and project assignments with a user-friendly planning board.
  • Drag and drop” to update project details.
  • Boost productivity and reduce operational downtime.
  • With the ability to view, analyze, and interpret order data, you can easily match technician skills to assignments – for better repair work and improved service quality.
  • We can integrate MRSwith all SAP modules.

             MRS runs fully integrated in the ERP system.

                              PS Integration

                              HR Integration

                              PM Integration

                              DBM Integration

                              C Projects Integration