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SAP PS online training

SAP PS-Project System Online Training

MyOnEdu.com is a group of SAP consultants who are passionate of teaching /consulting and support to their participants.

SAP PS trainer is SAP certified professional who has more then 18+ Years of real time experience. Youcan directly connect with trainers for any query/ technical support. We are committed to fulfilling all the commitments from all the perspectives.

  • Describe functions, processes and integration scenarios of SAP Project System
  • Carry out necessary customizing settings in SAP IMG
  • Deep knowledge of Integration with SAP FI/CO, MM, SD & IM.
  • Conceptual knowledge of integration with SAP PM, PPM, CPM, ReFx
  • Conceptual knowledge of EPC (Integration with MSP and P6)
  • Process training of SAP PS best practice scenarios (Investment Project, Customer Project, Cost Project and Outage Project) including all necessary settings in cross modules.
  • Explanation of FIORI standard Apps available
  • Implementation approach of SAP Project system, required note implementation.
  • Approach to prepare BBP, FS, UT, IT and UAT documents.
  • Covering all the Contents of SAP PS certification (PLM200, PLM210, PLM220, PLM230, PLM235 and PLM240)
  1. 35 hours of in depth online training withall required configuration
  2. Access of all recorded sessions
  3. 24X7 SAP system access for practice (S/4HANA)
  4. Study Material (SAP Press Book access)
  5. Process Documents –
    1. Sample BBP-Business Blue Print
    2. Configuration document
    3. Process User Manual Document
    4. FS-Functional Specification
    5. UT-Unit Testing Document
    6. UAT-User Acceptance Testing Template
    7. SAP Notes,
    8. Data upload template (If Any)

SAP PS-Project System Course Contents

  1. Overview of SAP Project Systems
    1. Overview on SAP PS
    2. Overview on SAP Project Management
    3. What are the project types in PS
    4. How to Integrate the SAP PS with Other module
  2. Overview on SAP PS Structures
    1. Overview on WBS Element
    2. Overview on Network
    3. Overview on Activities
    4. Overview on Relationships
    5. Overview on Sub networks
    6. Overview on Milestones
    7. Overview on Standard structures
    8. Overview on Project Builder
    9. Overview on Project planning board
    10. Overview on Structure Planning
    11. Overview on Mass Change
    12. Overview on Status Management
  3. Overview of Document Management System along with PS Text
    1. Document in DMS
    2. Ps Text
    3. Standard Text
  4. Claim Management
    1. Creating and Processing Claim
    2. Evaluating Claims
  5. Overview on Cost in SAP PS Module
    1. Overview on Cost Planning in PS
      • Easy Cost Planning
      • Manual Cost Planning
      • Network costing
    2. Overview on Orders for Projects
    3. How to forecast the project
    4. How to do the Budget Management for Projects
    5. How to check the availability of the control
    6. What is the Commitments Management
    7. What is the Funds Commitment Cost Centres, Internal Orders and  Projects
    8. What is automatic and periodic allocations
      • Concept of Project Settlement
    9. Overview on revenues and earnings in SAP PS
      1. Revenue planning in project
        • Manual Revenue Planning
        • Automatic Revenue Planning
      2. Billing Plans in WBS Elements
      3. What is Sales Pricing, how we can create/ process it?
      4. How to create the quotation from sales price.
      5. What is the resource related billing
    10. Overview on Dates in SAP PS Module
      1. How many types of dates in SAP PS Modules
      2. How to setup the schedule parameters
      3. How to represent the dates in the graphics
      4. Overview on Scheduling Functions
      5. Dates in the WBS Element
      6. How to schedule the Work break down structure
      7. How to do the Network Scheduling
      8. How to schedule the overall network
      9. How to schedule the Overall Network with Selection Option
      10. Overview on scheduling with service and maintenance orders
      11. Overview on schedule with service and  maintenance orders
    11. Overview on Resources in SAP PS
      1. What is the Capacity Levelling in SAP PS?
      2. What is the execute capacity levelling in SAP PS?
      3. What is Workforce Planning in SAP PS?
    12. Overview on Material in SAP PS
      1. Overview on SAP Procurement Management
      2. Overview on SAP Material Assignment to Networks
      3. Overview on activating requirements
      4. Overview on material availability check
      5. Overview on material assignment to standard networks
      6. Overview on project stocks
      7. Overview grouping for Individual Project Planning
      8. Overview on Bill of Material Transfer
      9. Overview on Delivery from Projects
      10. What is the Monitoring Dates
      11. What is the assembly processing in the project system ( Conceptual understanding)
      12. What the Project-Oriented Procurement (ProMan)
    13. Overview on Confirmation in SAP PS
      1. How to confirm directly in the PS
    14. Overview on Versions in SAP PS
      1. Working with Simulation Version
      2. Working with Project Version
      3. Version comparison
    15. Overview on Project Progress in SAP PS
      1. Progress calculation
      2. Evaluating Project Progress
    16. Overview of Project Period End Closure Activity
      1. Project Settlement
      2. Project Result Analysis
      3. Overhead calculation
    17. Overview on Workflow in SAP PS
    18. Overview on SAP PIS-Project Information System

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